A new generation of asymmetric intranasal inflatable solution.
A concentrate of innovations, developed by Dianosic for the treatment of epistaxis and more.

Intranasal bleeding

Epistaxis - Significant unmet medical needs

Epistaxis affects nearly 10% of the world’s population, i.e. 760 million patients, 10% of which require medical treatment. However, current treatment options are invasive, very painful and therefore anxiety-provoking for the patient and also for the healthcare professional. Failure is also not rare.


of patients affected by epistaxis.¹⁰


of patients affected require medical treatment.¹⁰

CAVI-T - asymmetric intranasal balloon

A universal, innovative solution based on a unique design

The CAVI-T asymmetric balloon is an innovative, minimally invasive versatile technology offering an easy-to-use solution to stop bleeding. Its unique design ensures perfect conformation to the patient’s anatomy, allowing for a precise management of anterior and posterior bleeding. CAVI-T technology also reduces the pain associated with insertion and removal, the latter also often causing rebleeding with traditional tamponade. its hollow breathing channel offers enhanced comfort and helps making it a perfect ambulatory care technology, as opposed to double balloon catheters which requires patient hospitalization and a strict mornitoring of the risk of necrosis. CAVI-T’s design also enables it to offer a post-surgical solution ensuring bleeding control while ensuring support of intranasal structures.

New CAVI-T: Enhanced safety & design

The new version of CAVI-T, now available, offers significant advantages both for patients suffering from epistaxis and for practitioners. A ring positioned at the proximal end of the balloon minimizes the risk of posterior migration, guaranteeing improved patient safety. This advanced version also benefits from an optimized balloon design to ensure maximum efficacy and safety in the treatment of spontaneous and perioperative bleeding.

CAVI-T Library

Find out more about CAVI T and access the tools developed for our users.

¹⁰ Changing Trends in the Management of Epistaxis, Traboulsi H et al. International
Journal of Otolaryngology Volume 2015.



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