Innovation center

Welcome to the Dianosic Innovation center. Innovation keeps us awake at night.
Together with our team of renowned clinical experts, academic and industrial partners, we constantly challenge the status quo to bring revolutionary solutions to life.

Revolutionary solutions

Innovation to improve patient management

We built a team of top-notch internal and external expertise, bringing a solid knowledge of the biotech world in order to create smartly designed, advanced intranasal ENT solutions. They’ll transform patients’ management and radically improve their quality of life, while improving physicians’ experience. We consider innovation as the sine qua non condition for success. Our mindset is aligned with this motto for all the projects we push forward. By challenging the therapeutic status quo, we foster innovation to deliver cutting-edge solutions to the patients and healthcare professionals.

Dianosic proprietary innovations

Leverage our core expertise to bring disruptive solutions to the market.

We collaborate with world-renowned physicians to develop solutions in therapeutic areas with significant unmet clinical needs.

Proprietary formulation and drug release

Based on our know-how, we developed proprietary formulations enabling, targeted, low dose, long term and controlled release of a drug while providing the expected mechanical properties required upon intranasal insertion and during treatment. Our technology has the potential to disrupt other therapeutic areas, especially in the Central Nervous System domain (alzheimer, Schizophrenia, Parkinson,…)

Unique scaffold design for optimal apposition

By leveraging multiple partnerships with academic centers and industry leaders, we expect to deliver the highest standard of quality for our patented solutions. Our scaffolds are designed and tailor made to maximize patient comfort and optimize treatment efficacy in various therapeutic areas.

Deployment guide: easy, fast and precise positioning

The deployment guide is a critical part of our solution. It aims at being smartly designed so that it is easy to use and non invasive, thus allowing the procedure to be performed in an in-office setting instead of the operating room in the hospital.

From innovative ideas to solutions

The ARIS project

Dianosic develops the innovative ARIS platforms that benefit from proprietary drug-eluting, long-term resorbable polymer. Discover the future therapeutic solutions of chronic rhinitis and chronic rhinosinusitis – The Dianosic Active Resorbable Intranasal Scaffold (ARIS).